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Customers love the products Bose develops and they are often their biggest advocates. But many customers don’t know about the real people behind their favorite products. So Bose set out to capture stories from customer and employee alike. Over the course of 3 days we filmed customers sharing their stories about their favorite products and employees sharing their experiences making those products. What we found was amazing stories from Bose fans across the world and passionate individuals that work hard to make those stories a possibility. We created a web experience that housed all the short films, interactive content, and personal stories.

Art Direction / Web Design / Video

Featured video

Featured video

The final piece was a compilation of over 20 interviews and was the featured video on Customers shared stories about their love of Bose and the positive impact the products have had on their lives. Employees also shared experiences of making the products and their enthusiasm for delivering products customers love.

featured stories

We were able to expand on 4 stories that would live on We took great care in combining the narratives of both the customer and employee, to create pages that offer a unique story from both perspectives. The stories were highlighted using short form videos and interactive elements on the page.



As she progressed as a pilot and flew longer and longer flights, her headset got more and more uncomfortable. Then a friend lent her his Bose headset.



A PHD student that wants to do more with his Computer Science degree than make money. He wants to help people.



Remember third grade? As a teacher Dan Campbell can attest, it’s not the easiest place for students to focus. So he set out to find a way to help them do just that.



From traveling the world to throwing parties at home, Erick and his wife love life. And don’t want to waste a moment of it. Sure, when they decided to start a family, they knew their life would change. But they didn’t change their approach to it. So they set out to make their home a place anyone would be happy to spend time in.